Ditch Linktree and Host Your Instagram Links Page on Your Showit Website

Real talk? Using a third-party platform, like Linktree, as your Instagram links page isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, it might actually be hurting your brand. Let me explain.

If you have your own website (which if you don’t, you totally should—preferably hosted on Showit *cough*) it’s counterproductive to use a third-party platform as your Instagram link in bio.

There are many platforms besides Linktree, of course, however, that is the one I see used the most often on Instagram. You might be thinking, but Lorin, all the social media gurus tell me I NEED a links page in my Instagram bio. So, why are you making such a big stink about what platform that page is hosted on?

Well, friend, I’m so glad you asked—Let me break it down for ya!

First off, those gurus are right! you absolutely should have a links page in your Instagram bio. If you aren’t aware of the benefits of having a links page, I’ll get to that later in this post.

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Download your free Instagram links page designed specifically for Showit

So, What Exactly is an Instagram Links Page and Why Do I Need One?

First off, in case you’ve been living under a rock (no judgment), you might be wondering, what exactly is an Instagram links page and why do I need one?

Put simply, an Instagram links page is a landing page where you can share multiple clickable links with your Instagram followers. Since Instagram typically only allows one clickable link in your bio, your links page serves as a central hub, providing your audience with access to multiple links all in one place.

This makes it extremely easy to direct your audience to take specific action without needing to go on a lengthy scavenger hunt on your main website. Which, let’s be honest, can get overwhelming and frustrating really fast.

What Links Should I Include On My Instagram ‘Link In Bio‘?

Honestly, there are a variety of links you can include on your links page. But, to give you some ideas, check out the list I created below:

  • other social media platforms
  • popular blog posts
  • podcast
  • Youtube channel
  • products or services
  • online shop
  • an email opt-in
  • contact form
  • your website
  • appointment scheduler
  • application form
  • portfolio
  • freebie
  • new program or offer
  • affiliate links
  • your favorite Spotify playlist
  • other important or relevant content that you’d like to highlight.

As you can see, the above links give your audience a specific action to take. This will lead them directly to where you’d like them to go, without any guesswork on their part.

Are you a health coach getting ready to launch a new program? Add a call to action on your links page about your new offer.

Are you currently looking to test a beta round for a new product or service? Make it suuuper simple for potential clients to reach out by including a link to your application form right on your links page.

Have a new Youtube video you’d like to promote? Add it to your links page! You see where I’m going with this…

Okay, that all sounds great, but can you break down the benefits of going through the trouble of setting up an Instagram links page? I need the hard facts.

Sure can! Here is a further breakdown of some of the benefits of having an Instagram links page in your Instagram bio…

Key Benefits Of Having an Instagram Links Page On Your Showit Website:

01. Better User Experience: By providing your community with an easy way to access all of your relevant links, you’re making it extremely simple and convenient for them to engage with you and your brand. You’re also creating a streamlined user experience that helps them quickly find and access the information they need.

02. Increased Website Traffic: By adding links that go directly to your website, you can more easily drive traffic to those pages. This, in turn, can increase your Google ranking, overall online presence, and discoverability. Who doesn’t want that?!

03. Better Engagement: By providing useful links, you are giving your followers a reason to keep coming back to engage with you and your brand. This can help build long-term relationships, cultivate an active community, and create a loyal following. This also contributes to the “know, like, trust” factor that is so important in the online space.

04. Higher Conversion Rates: Piggybacking off of the last point, better engagement can lead to higher conversion rates. By making it extremely easy for your followers to find and access direct links to relevant pages, you are significantly increasing the chances that they will engage with your content and follow you on other platforms. This can potentially result in them converting into paying customers in the future!

05. Flexibility: One of the best benefits of having an Instagram links page is the flexibility it provides. You can easily add, remove, or modify any link at any time in order to keep your content and offerings up-to-date.

Download our free Instagram Links page designed for Showit

Why You Should Host Your Links Page Directly On Your Showit Website:

If you’ve made it this far, you now know what an Instagram links page is, some key benefits, and ideas on what to include. So, why should your links page be connected to an actual page on your Showit website and not hosted on a third-party platform like Linktree?

Well, first off, you’ve already done the hard work of creating an amazing brand and online home to match, so the most obvious response to this question is simply, why on earth would you want to direct your community away from your website?! Not to mention, third-party platforms can be clunky, costly, difficult to showcase your brand personality, and could potentially confuse your audience.

My suggestion? Since you’re already paying for your website host and have invested time and money into crafting an aligned brand that oozes your values and unique personality, nixing a third-party platform is an absolute no-brainer. Instead, opt to create a beautifully branded Instagram links page directly on your own website!

Let’s recap, shall we?

So, to recap—having a custom Instagram links page in your bio that is a part of your actual website and not attached to a third-party platform is:

  1. a valuable and flexible tool for increasing your online presence
  2. drives more traffic to your website
  3. maintains brand recognition
  4. creates a better user experience
  5. increases overall engagement and conversion rates among your audience

It’s that simple! If you’re still not convinced that having an Instagram links page is important essential for your business, then honestly, what are you even doing with your life? Just kidding.

But for realsies, If you’re a die-hard Showit fan like me and are in need of a beautiful, simple, and easy-to-use Instagram links page for your website, check out my freebie! You’ll get immediate access to download your brand new Instagram links page designed for Showit, delivered straight to your inbox!

Download our free Instagram Links page designed for Showit

*Important note: our Instagram links page is designed specifically to be used with Showit and is not compatible with other website platforms. New to Showit? Sign up using our affiliate link for a FREE 30-day trial!

It’s no secret that Showit is my platform of choice. If you don’t know what Showit is, check out this blog post where I talk about all things Showit and why it’s the best website platform on the market.


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Instagram Links Page Template

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Because Your linktree bio isn't doing you any favors.

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Instagram Links Page Template

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Because Your linktree bio isn't doing you any favors.

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