10 Signs Your Personal Styling Business is Ready For a Rebrand

Are you wearing your brand, or is your brand wearing you? Be honest. 

As a personal stylist, you know the power of a killer outfit, but have you thought about the impact of a killer brand? It’s not just about looking good, it’s about making your brand work for you, not against you.

Your brand should be like the perfect accessory—complementing, not camouflaging. Don’t let it swallow you up like an ill-fitting shirt (unless of course, that’s the vibe you’re going for).

Just as your personal style goes beyond the clothes on your back, your brand is more than just a logo and some cute fonts. It’s about flaunting your best features, highlighting your business’s strengths, and embracing who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world.

Think intentional, think representative—you deserve to have a brand that’s authentic to you and attracts the amazing people you want to work with.

Ultimately, your brand identity should feel like a well-curated wardrobe. It’s more than a label—it’s your personal style. Each element is a building block, setting the stage for your business.  

Think of it this way…your brand is your signature style—it represents who you are and what you’re all about. But, just like your style evolves over time, so should your brand. And, much like your wardrobe, your brand might need a refresh from time to time to stay true to that evolution. 

Let’s dive into the telltale signs that it might be time to give your brand a makeover. 

1. Your Vision has Changed

Just as your personal style evolves over time, your brand will too. That’s totally normal! But these subtle shifts in your industry or personal taste may signal that it’s time for a brand update. Ultimately, your brand should be a reflection of your current aspirations and goals.

2. You’re Attracting the Wrong People

If your brand is attracting people who don’t resonate with you, your values, and your true style, it’s a clear signal that you need to reevaluate. Your brand should attract like-minded people who appreciate and connect with your unique identity.

3. You’re Struggling to Stand Out in a Sea of Same

In a world filled with similar styles, standing out is crucial. If your brand is getting lost in the crowd, a fresh look can help give you that spark you’ve been craving. An intentional, strategic, and updated brand can help you make a lasting impression.

4. You’re Personal Styling Business is Expanding and Growing

Just like your wardrobe grows and evolves with new pieces, as your personal styling business grows, so should your brand. It needs to accommodate your expanding presence and represent the current scale and transformation you provide to your personal styling clients.

5. Your Branding Feels Dated

If your brand is starting to feel like a relic from the past, it’s time to infuse it with a modern twist. A dated brand can send the wrong message to your audience, so a contemporary update might be just what you need.

6. It’s Trend-led, Not Timeless

While trends can be tempting, timeless style lasts a lifetime—I’m sure you know. The same can be applied when talking about your brand identity for your personal styling business. If your brand visuals are caught up in fleeting trends, consider a makeover for a more lasting and impactful impression. A timeless brand ensures longevity and consistency.

7. It Doesn’t Reflect You and Your Values

Your brand is an extension of yourself, mirroring your values. If it no longer resonates with who you are, a rebrand will help you realign your brand identity. And I’m not just talking about the visuals here, although they are important. 

It’s equally as important to go a layer deeper and reflect on your values, mission, overall messaging, and tone of voice. After all, your personal styling business is just that—PERSONAL! As such, it should reflect your authentic self to establish a genuine connection with your clients.

8. Lack of Cohesiveness

Just like coordinating an outfit, all of your brand elements should complement one another, not clash. We’re not trying to confuse people here, we’re aiming to instill confidence, trust, and inspiration. Even one small subtle tweak can create a cohesiveness that tells a clear, powerful story. Brand consistency, both in your messaging AND visuals, builds that trust and recognition.

9. You Feel Embarrassed, Not Confident

Like your wardrobe, your brand should complement, not camouflage. If your current brand has you hiding, it’s time to transform that embarrassment into confidence with a fresh new look. A confident brand attracts positive attention, fosters trust, and will help you attract more aligned clients.

10. You Have Outgrown Your Current Branding

Just as your personal style matures over time, your brand should grow with you. This isn’t a sign of failure, it’s an exciting realization that you’re ready for something new. 

So, if your current branding is starting to feel constrictive, it’s time for a complete brand transformation. You wouldn’t encourage your personal styling client to wear clothing that doesn’t fit their current lifestyle—that would be uncomfortable, so why would you accept that discomfort when it comes to your own brand? 

So, are you ready for a rebrand?

As you can see, embarking on a rebranding journey is a lot like refining your personal style—it’s a VERY personal, yet equally rewarding experience. It’s an opportunity to express your evolution, attract the right audience, and create a lasting impression. 

If any of these signs resonate with you, it might be time to consider a rebrand. If that’s you, I’d be more than happy to help give your brand the attention it deserves! 

Check out my one-week branding intensive where we dive deep into your brand, creating a cohesive brand identity that matches your current stage of business. 

Still unsure if a rebrand is something to consider? 

Take 2 minutes to mentally take the Brand Evolution Quiz I created to help you know if a rebrand is right for you. And don’t worry – this isn’t a boring pop quiz type of thing. Imagine that you’re taking a style quiz from your favorite fashion magazine – you know the one!

Welcome to the Brand Evolution Quiz! Your brand is like your style – ever-changing and uniquely you. Answer these 10 questions to see if your brand needs a fresh, fun makeover. Let’s dive in!

01. Your Vision:

  • A. Constantly evolving, just like my style!
  • B. Pretty much the same as when I started.

02. Attracting the Right Crowd:

  • A. My people get me and my vibe.
  • B. I’m not sure if my brand speaks to the right audience.

03. Showstopper or Wallflower:

  • A. I shine in a crowd, always turning heads!
  • B. I sometimes feel lost among similar brands.

04. Growing Pains:

  • A. My brand is growing, and I’m loving it!
  • B. Growth? I haven’t thought about that lately.

05. Timeless Charm or Trendy Fling:

  • A. Timeless charm– my brand is here for the long haul.
  • B. I might have fallen for a few trendy affairs.

06. Mirror, Mirror on the Brand:

  • A. My brand is my reflection, inside and out.
  • B. I’m not sure if it truly reflects who I am.

07. Cohesiveness Check:

  • A. My brand elements flow seamlessly together.
  • B. There might be a clash here and there.

08. Confidence Level:

  • A. My brand boosts my confidence daily!
  • B. I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed about it.

09. Outgrown or Still Fits:

  • A. My brand is growing with me – a perfect fit!
  • B. It feels a bit constrictive these days.

10. Excitement Meter:

  • A. Excited for a brand transformation!
  • B. Comfortable sticking with the familiar.

Let’s Check Your Brand Pulse!

Count your A’s and B’s:

  • Mostly A’s: Your brand is itching for a makeover! Get ready to step into a fresh, exciting chapter of your business.
  • Mostly B’s: It’s time to consider a brand refresh! Small tweaks can make a big difference. Embrace the change and give your brand a moment to shine.

Remember, just like your style, your brand should evolve with you!

Are you all set on branding, but in the market for a website? 

Check out my Elosie Website template which was specifically designed with personal stylists in mind! It’s super easy to DIY with your current branding, or I can customize it for you through my template customization package! 



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